Mine's bluer, no mine's bluer!

Mine's bluer, no mine's bluer!

Why is it we always want what someone else has?  Some never outgrow this trend.  Look at your friend’s marriage.  Look good? In reality, you have no idea what it is like to live with that person behind closed doors.   Someone has more money than you do?  Newsflash:  money does NOT guarantee happiness.  In fact, it often guarantees a whole host of problems those of us lower on the pay scale have no clue about.

It’s Not Fair!

This often starts out in children as the “it’s not fair” mantra.  Children have a finite understanding of what is ‘fair’.   If I am 12 and my 16 yo brother has a license and gets to drive the family car and date and stay out later, that is fair.  Not many younger siblings understand that though.  What about the older sibling who says mom and dad baby the younger child and let him/her get away with more than he or she did?

Stinkin’ thinkin’    

Orignal photo via clarita at http://mrg.bz/i1Kq2B (Morguefile.com/)The problem here is one of perception. Just because it looks 'unfair' to you does not make it 'unfair' in reality. I see so many people who live in a world of pain because they are always looking at how unfair life is to them. You can ALWAYS have it worse, so grow a spine and stop whining! Seem harsh? Sometimes that's what people need. If you don't recognize you're thinking is a mess, how can you change it? Change the "think", change the stinkI can also tell you I have seen many lives turned around when the person realized he/she was believing a lie and started believing the truth. Bad things happen; no one is immune. Perception about reality does not make it reality. Instead of looking at what you don't have, look at what you do have: count your blessings!♫Count your blessings, name them one by one♫

Blessing counting changes skewed perspectives

When I talk about my husband’s accident (many years ago now) I could tell you about how hard it was.  It was hard.  But when I talk about this time in our lives, the hard times are overshadowed by the awesome blessings we encountered throughout that year he was off work.  In fact, I tell stories about this often, and you might think it was all fun and roses if you were not there and did not see what we went through.  Just like shadows point to the light, dark times often just highlight the good times and make them more precious.


The impact

My husband was hit head on by an SUV type vehicle.  His right leg was hanging by skin with the bone protruding, he had internal injuries and much more.   The 11 days in the hospital have horror and blessing stories galore, but we got through them.  We also got through the 3 or so months of therapy in which I had to debreed his foot/leg twice a day and take care of him.  He was off work for a whole year.  I was in school and thought I would have to drop out and get a job (that would not pay anything like his).  Believe me, there were a whole lot of hard things to go through.  But . . .


The multiplying turkeys

Gobble Gooble

This is the story I tell most often about that time because it shows God’s hand in a big way. The first holiday season (accident in late June) we had nothing.  One day a turkey and a few groceries showed up at our back door.  Since my husband had two small turkeys in the freezer from a previous purchase, we decided to give the turkey away.  The next day there were two turkeys and some groceries.  OK, let’s share them with others.  You guessed it.  The next day there were 4 turkeys!  That year we had 25 turkeys pass through our home.  We finally stopped giving them away because, well you can guess why, and had a wonderful spread for that year.

With boxes of food still sitting in our small kitchen, I was at the sink washing dishes and looking out our back window.  My mind was rehearsing how God’s hand had been in all of this from two weeks before the accident to now (and onward).  I was praising Him, when suddenly I ‘heard’ in my spirit something I had never heard before.  God was giggling like a school girl!  God was enjoying blessing us and enjoying doing it in a way we would never forget.  I learned something new about God that Christmas.   AND, not only did we have plenty of food, we were able to help out many other families in need with what God and some good people had provided.


The point of all this

There’s always a point, and the point here is that 1) We do not know what’s really going on in another person’s life and 2) Perspective makes all the difference.  Look up, not around.


So how has a change of perspective made a difference in your life?  Feel free to share your stories or links to articles you have written on the subject.  BTW – you do not have to be a Christian to have stories about perspective and changed thinking, so I hope no one will miss the point just because I come from a Christian perspective.     What’s your story?

Original toilet photo via Alvimann @ http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/638004  Altered by this writer. Original turkey clipart via http://hellasmultimedia.com/webimages/thanksgiving/thanksgiving_images_6.htm   Altered by this writer                                      Abacus photo via jdurham @ http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/585166