The ____________

Four eyes–

That cannot see.

Four ears–

That cannot hear.

Two combatants,

Locked in a battle,

In perpetual war.

Each wanting,

But not taking.

Each one carries

A shield of fear,

Afraid to let down

Their own fiercly

Guarded hearts.

Each one locked

In internal prisons,

As the other

Holds the key.

Aimlessly seeking

What the other guards,

But unable to surrender

To loves fatal blow.

Slowly they sink

In the mire

Of their fear

Broken vessels

Of  private hurt

Only they can restore.

A final whimper,

Then death

Stakes its claim.

Poetry, entirely a personal thing, often strikes a chord within the reader [positive or negative].  It takes them through their own filters and helps them express something they may not be able to express themselves.  This poem has a title and a purpose, but I want you, my readers, to join in and assess what you think it’s about.

What does it mean to you, if anything? 

Does it evoke an emotion in you (good or bad)?

Have you ever felt this way?  In what context? 

Pull up your computer, your chair, and a cup of tea or coffee, and join with us as we explore this poem and see where it leads us ;]