Some interesting comments were given on part II of It’s all about the heart.  They point out a very important point we cannot leave out when discussing such things as purity, the fight against sin and the fight to live right.

Derek Mansker of No Throw Aways stated:

“Jesus didn’t abolish the law, He fulfilled it. The law was never the problem. I was the problem. Law does not save, it shows what sin is. So, we are free to what? Free to love God and others. Free to follow Him. The grace of God is a wonderful thing.”

What's that I see?

The Law as a mirror

When it comes to keeping the rules perfectly in the life of a human being:  epic fail!  We just can’t do it.  Even with the addition of the Scripture and the Holy Spirit to guide us in the path of life (use the deut from sun in this post) we still fall off the path on a regular basis.  It’s not about perfection.  The law is like a mirror held up to show us how bad we really are.  In order for us to see our need of a Savior, we must first see that we are incapable of doing it.

Because we can’t, He did

God sent the law to show us our need.  He then came to pay our sin debt.  Once we accept that payment, we are under grace, not the law.  All the things we’ve discussed about obedience and seeking to starve the flesh are absolutely a real part of life and something we should seek after.  This is not what brings salvation, however; that was a free gift.

Free to choose

We are no longer under penalty of sin once we have accepted the gift of salvation, but we are not out from under the consequences of sin.  God gave us free will and then showed us two paths.  One path leads to life and the other to death.  One contains guardrails and protection, the other contains drop offs, ruts, falling rocks, you get the picture.  We are free to choose which path we want to go on, thereby choosing to accept the consequences of our actions.

God’s Mini-Me

The thing is, that the closer you get to God, the more you experience Him in your life, the more you want to choose His way and the more you see the value of choosing morality over immorality.  We will not ever be what God is, but we want to be journeying toward that goal:  holiness, purity, life.

Why make life harder?

Life is already hard.  We suffer from the consequences of sin, even when we are not the one committing it.  Sin seems to offer pleasure, but the pleasure is counterfit and fleeting; it does not compare to the pleasure’s of the real thing that God offers us.  It is a slippery slope, and attempting to keep away from it offers more.  You won’t be 100% able, but by taking steps given in previous posts, it gets better.

FDA and the impurity problem

It is not possible for the FDA (or anyone else) to guarantee our foods are 100% contaminant free, but don’t you want them to try?  Maybe we can’t keep everything impure out of our lives, but we can do what we can.  If I struggle with wanting to eat junk food, it makes no sense to keep it in my pantry and then say, “I couldn’t help it.” when I fall.  I am free in Christ:  and I choose Him.

It really is all about the heart (attitude….)

Elizabeth of Elizabeth’s Ramblings  said it very well:  “I believe we are going to be sinning all the way to our last breath. We’re human, we just can’t help it. We’d like to think or believe we could be sinless through living within God’s boundaries, but we can’t. That’s why we need a Savior. To free us from our sin. If it was posssible for us to live sin-free we would have no need of a Savior. As born-again Christians we have received the Holy Spirit to live within us. That does not mean He will stop us from being human. On the contrary, He does not impose on us at all. But he will light a fire in our hearts if we are about to step over a line He does not want us to step over. That is usually enough to stop us in our tracks. But, we will always put self first. It is in our nature. So we will always need God to discipline (teach) us; and as we grow in Christ we will learn that we can not do anything of ourselves, but only through Him. When change comes through Him we usually do not fall back into that same old sin. We grow and continue to grow as we follow His lead.”

This is the final post in this series (maybe 🙂  Do you have anything to add?  Do you have questions?  Has this subject made a difference in your life?  How do you keep your life pure?