In the stillness…

“Be still. Cease striving.” He said to me.

“Stop churning the waters, when I’ve set you free.

Your attempts at control make no sense when I!m here.

Why struggle and fight, why flounder in fear?

Just calmly lay back and rest in my arms.

Where my hands hold you firmly, and my love for you warms.

Let it go. Turn it over. Surrender all to me.

Learn to be still, and in me you’ll be free.

Your control’s an illusion that oft’ gets in the way,

When I’m trying to carry you safe through your day.

Just as a babe lays with trust in your arms,

As you tenderly nurture so’s to raise no alarms,

I will hold you, protect you, just lean hard into me.

For I promise, my child, your trust sets you free.


Angela Masters Young c 2/2012 all rights reserved

Striving, Resisting, fussing, fighting, whining, struggling, et cetera, are all futile attempts at control.  It is like telling a plan to grow itself.  It simply does what it is created to do, and it becomes a plant.  Look at the butterfly.  Is there struggle?  Yes, there is struggle as it makes its way out of the cocoon, but this is not a struggle for control.  This struggle allows the butterfly to become all he was meant to be.  Without the struggle he would not be able to fly.  Yes, there is struggle in our lives.  There is pain and loss and so many other things.  However, the struggles that we make in trying to stop these things from happening, trying to stop the feelings, or trying to control the uncontrollable just wear us out.

When I find myself not being still/striving/fighting, I take a moment to relax and turn it over.  Easier said than done, but making a habit of this makes a huge difference in so many things.  When we step out of God’s way, He can show us who He is and what He can do.  Prepare to be amazed!


Do you strive against God?  Against things you cannot control?  Against feelings you don’t like?   How do you deal with it?  How does that work for you?  What are the consequences? 

What are you trying to control?  How has that worked for you?  Have you had a time when God showed Himself to you in the midst of a trial?  Feel free to share.