I had to reblog this because it is right on the money. This is my first ‘reblog’. This is how people feel about those who are hypocrits (ie dishonest with self and others). Whether you fit in the ‘go to church’ category or the political category or one of many others, hypocricy does not draw people to you. It does not draw them to the cause you espouse. It makes them dislike you and the cause you espouse. So, if this cause is Christ, for example, the person may never see through the hypocricy to the truth of Christ. May it never be! Since we all have blind areas in our lives, I suppose we can all take the name hypocrite in one area or another, but this is people who do more than that. Their entire existence is in covering up that they are “white-washed graves” with nothing real inside. If you know someone like this, pray for them. The life they live must be horrible no matter how they try to control that public image. Thanks for the post, and for provoking thought in others loralee 🙂

Articles of Absurdity

Let’s get started on today’s lesson students. Pencils down and eyes up front.

Definition of HYPOCRITE

1: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion

2: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings



After talking with others and pulling from my own experiences, it seems clear that hypocrites are actually quite easy to spot if you put your mind forward and tell your naïve heart to take a nap.

Where do they hide? The answer is they don’t. Hypocrites love being seen and heard. They are usually the most vocal and most social out of any human species. Not unlike children dressing up for Halloween, hypocrites use many tools to mask who they are. It’s a survival mechanism if you will, and a way to convince others, and perhaps themselves, that they are better than…

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