Tess at How the Cookie Crumbles, in her usual witty style, has hit the nail on the head with this one. As I have been thinking about this a lot lately, I’ve decided to reblog it. When companies pull these things, it is STEALING. It is dishonest, and they think we’re too ‘stupid’ to notice. What have you noticed shrinking? Are you willing to continue buying from companies that cheat and are dishonest? We need to call companies when we notice and let them know we are watching them. Let them know our continued business will be determined by their response. As one commenter on Tess’s blog notes – it’s even worse in England (thanks to Socialized Medicine?) so look out — it’s coming to you in the states as well. Stepping off soapbox to call some theives to the carpet.

One more question: If we allow this to happen without speaking up, are we guilty too? as in complicit? Just sayin’ . . .

How the Cookie Crumbles

I don’t recall if I’ve had a good rant this year. You can’t expect a body to remember everything she’s done over a six- month period, or is it in the last half-year? I can’t remember where I put my glasses two minutes ago…or is it three…whatever. If I don’t get to the point soon I’m going to lose my train of thought. Where was I?

Let’s talk groceries; my favourite subject. The packaging is getting smaller. Who’s noticed? Let’s look at pasta. Wait a minute. Is pasta measured in grams or litres? I might venture one is for dry goods and the other is for wet. Never mind. I know a way that’s a lot easier to visualize without the confusion.  To put this strange measuring into prespective, think a one litre bottle (L)  vs a 750- millilitre (ml) bottle of wine. The difference is something like 250 ml. Sometimes I think I…

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