Sitting here with my mother-in-law who is firing today. That means she’s talking and not sleeping. We repeat the same conversations over and over and over.

She was discussing the fact that her daughter (who she lives with) hadn’t called her. Of course in her mind, it’s been six months instead of six days.

After a bit of this, she says, “You wouldn’t do that to your mom, would you?”

I reply, “No, I don’t have a mom any more. I’d love to call her.”

Ginny: “Oh, I guess I don’t have one either [thinking ensues]. Well…

wait for it.

“I guess I think of YOU as my mother.”

Should I be insulted???????

I am 36 years younger than she is.

She’s been cracking us up all week. I just had to share this priceless gem with you. Hope you got a chuckle πŸ™‚ Angie