The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My daughter is a princess.  

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the story of “The Princess and the Pea” was written about her.  I love her more than my own life, but she’s a bit sensitive.  With the power out last night, she couldn’t sleep with her fan.  The fan’s entire purpose is to make a noise that blocks all the other noise out so she can sleep.   {Boy do I have stories!}


I might also mention that she is an adult and has recently moved back home for a bit.

5am.  Brian and I are laying in bed, him awake and talking to me, and me half awake but trying to go back to sleep in the extreme heat.  Did I mention he’s a morning person, and I am not?  That’s for another post.

The door bursts open, and the D flips inside saying loudly,Did you hear that bird?  Seriously, did you hear it?  I’ve never heard anything like that in my life!”   {Evidently we have a very special, very loud bird in our front bushes that lives to wake Karen up – this may be true if he’s ever seen her when she wants to sleep. 🙂

Dad:  “Um, that’s the birds.  They get up this time every day.”  {He says laughing and continues to laugh at her the entire conversation, much to her disapproval.}

The D:  “Well, I’ve never heard them before, how long do they keep doing this?”

Dad:  “As long as they want to.  It’s the birds; it’s what they do.”  (or something like that)

The D:  “Well, I can’t sleep with that going on!   I have to go to work at 11, and I’m not going to get any sleep!  I just can’t deal with this!!!!

{The D sashays back to her bedroom before coming back into ours in a panic.}

The D:  “I have to sleep, what am I going to do?”


Disposable foam earplugs: out of the ear with ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mom:  “We still have your ear plugs in my bag in the bathroom.”  (from a trip where she had to sleep in the same sound area as all us snoring people.)

The D:  “I can’t sleep with those things!”

Mom:  “Well, you can either use them and try to get some sleep, or you can figure it out.  I’m going back to sleep.”  (I did not add, thanks for waking me up and storming in my room without knocking…..AGAIN  ::sigh::)

The D:  “Where are they?!  I can’t find them!” {as she rummages through my stuff}  “Oh, here they are.”

{My door slams; her door slams}

Dad:  “You’ve really got to blog this.  It’s hysterical.”


I guess you had to be there 😉    BTW  My daughter finally gave me permission to blog this as long as I didn’t use her name.   I only have one daughter, but whatever……