This is a great post by a dear lady. Saying no (for those who find it difficult) opens up doors to communication by freeing your time, allowing others to take responsibility for their own problems, and freeing us of resentment toward self and others. Enjoy and give D a shout out. Her blog is truly an inspiration. 😀

Work The Dream

Owning Yourself

I was reading one time and it said the hardest thing in the world for adults to do is to say no to their parents. I have watched people who would run themselves ragged because they could not say no when the parents were demanding. I know it sounds strange and many will probably say “Oh I have no trouble” and yet, the next time their parents demand of their time, they will give in. This is not saying we do not do for our parents and we do not be with them. I am talking about the parents who think we should drop everything for whatever it is they need because they demand it.

It is because the “parent-child” feeling comes back when we were little and that overrides the adult relationship that we should have. When we are grown, we might still be the “child” of…

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