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This blog:  https://doyoumeanwhatiknow.wordpress.com   [I know, you’re here already ;]

Writing blog:  http://writingwithbothsidesofmybrain.wordpress.com/   [concerning the struggles of writing between left brain and/or right brain and other writing goodies.]

Helium.com:   http://www.helium.com/users/91449   [Lots of good articles here, but also some crap from the old days.  If you see something that needs fixed, drop me a line at ansuyo76@gmail.com and let me know.]

Yahoo:   http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/89764/angela_young.html  [not a lot of content here, but I hope you’ll like what I have.]

Angie’s blog spot (on faith and life):  http://www.angiesblogspot58.blogspot.com/   [This blog will soon be absorbed into doyoumeanwhatiknow.]

Yahoo Shine: http://shine.yahoo.com/blogs/author/angela-young-ycn-89764/   [This blog is about things I have made or am working on.  With changes to the Yahoo Contributor Network, this blog is likely to go away or move to a new location.]

Twitter:  @ansuyo   [sorry, working on a button]

Facebook under Angela Masters Young


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  1. Christy Birmingham
    Aug 20, 2012 @ 16:53:55

    This is my first look at this sight Angie and I see that you have a few blogs on the go. Good for you! I look forward to reading this site’s posts as well and will sign on to follow.


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