Just a short post to wish those men out there who have been fathers, of your own children or another’s a Happy Father’s Day. A Dad’s importance to the lives of his children cannot be expressed enough. He is often their first view of God, and he can have a profound effect on the child’s ability to relate to God in later life. Human dads aren’t perfect, of course, but what they do matters.

Happy “Father’s Day” to my Heavenly Father as well. He is the ultimate Father and the pattern for what a Father (and a Mother…) should be. I hope you’ll all honor him today as well as your earthly father.

Say a prayer today as well for those who do not have a father today. Those who have been abandoned or those who have lost a father to death. Just like Mother’s Day brings sadness to some, Father’s Day can too, so be sensitive to the hurts of others as you go about your day. God bless you all. Angie