It’s Random Time!


Today I want to take a leaf from Derek Mansker’s Lego Jar posts.   It’s random time!  My 4 and 2 yo grandchildren were here for a week recently.    The older one (boy) had the green-eyed monster taking over all week.  You see, he has a fractured clavicle, and had to sleep in another bed and not with Grandma and Marilyn.  He was so not happy.  So all week if she hugged, he hugged; if she wanted something, he wanted it.  What a week it was!!!  We all survived though.


Today was go home day.  Grandson has decided his family needs to move here and become my neighbors.  Then he could come and see me every day like he does my dad right now.  At lunch, he spent about 15 minutes making a very detailed map.  As we headed toward the meeting place to give them back to the parents, he was peering closely at his map.  I went a different way to the interstate, and he said, “Grandma, you’re going the wrong way.  You have to go that way (pointing).  I explained the different route.  He kept looking at the map all the way and pointing out when we reached certain places.  He’d say something like, “Yup, that’s it.  You gotta go this way to get to my house, Grandma.”  If you can make anything out of this map, let me know.  It looks like a mess to me, but he was very serious about following it.  I hope he’ll be that serious about following God’s map for his life!


Marilyn (2) didn’t want to go home today.  She kept taking my face and saying, “You MY gramma!” before kissing me.  So sweet!  Wouldn’t it be great if we loved God so much that we grabbed ahold of Him and said, “You MY God!” on a regular basis?  We’re always wanting a blessing from Him, but how often do we seek to bless Him?


Last week, when we went down to pick up the kids (and work on Son’s trailer), Marilyn kept trying to sneak off with a honey packet my Dad had on his tray.  She finally stomped her foot and said, “It’s fo my mouth!”   She didn’t get it, but that was so hard to resist!  Do we long for the temporary “sweetness” of sin?


When we arrived to pick them up, I was met at the van by the two youngest.  Roland was jumping around and excited for about 10 feet.  Then he suddenly remembered his fractured clavicle.  He stopped, bent the hurt shoulder down and put his hand on it, moaned, and walked like that the rest of the way.  Hmmm.   All week he would suddenly remember his injury when it was convenient.  Do we have ‘convenient’ injuries we use as an excuse not to do something for God or others?


I have no doubt that my youngest granddaughter is the smartest of the 4.  Why?  She’s very good at flying under the radar.  When Marilyn gets quiet, it’s time to PANIC!  You can be certain she’s doing something she’s not supposed to do.  The picture shows one incidence that happened this week.


She took the inside out of a marker.  Fortunately, soaking in soapy water returned all but under her nails to the right color.  Grandma had a few blue spots though.  What do we do when we think no one is looking?  Do we think it’s ok to do what we want as long as we don’t get caught?


Welcome to a glimpse into my world!

I Princess!


Yesterday, my granddaughter found my knitting looms.  She put one on her head and walked around going, “I princess!”  She also loaded herself up with treasures (jewels) from Grandma’s treasure box. (A box of kids ‘treasures’ they are allowed to play with.) She wasn’t very cooperative with Grandma trying to get a picture, but here she is:

“I Princess!”

Oh for the trust of a 2 year old!  She is fully aware that she is special with no doubts whatsoever.  The day before we were having a discussion about who loves her.  To my surprise, she said, “Gramma luv me.”  She then proceeded to go down the list, “Jesus luv me”, “Daddy luv me”, “Mommy luv me”, and so on.  Wow!

Later, during the quiet hours after she has gone to sleep and Grandma is nodding off, God reminded me that “I Princess!”  So much of life rubs away at that trust as we proceed through life.  Harsh words, hurt feelings, and worse happen to us and we internalize it, thinking something is wrong with us instead of the other person.  I’m not sure I’ve ever met an adult who does not have  or has had self-esteem issues.  That little devil sits on our shoulder whispering lies to us about the events of our lives.

Grandpa:  “Linda was so cute when she….”

The enemy’s whisper:  “See, he doesn’t think you’re cute or he wouldn’t talk about her all the time.”

The truth:  He is talking about Linda because she is not there and I am.

This is but one minor example of how we take someone’s actions or words and make it all about us when, in reality, it may (and probably does) have nothing at all to do with us.  I see this clearly in my grandchildren as they pout over perceived slights, holler ‘not fair’, or act out to take attention from another.  Ah, that sin nature makes itself seen so early!

As Grandma, I try to counter those lies when I see them.  Unfortunately, they don’t always listen or understand.   As adults, it is imperative that we look back through those hurts in our lives and shine some truth on them.  We all know people who are bitter and negative because of “all the things that happened to them”.  It’s not pretty.  Their lives are not pretty.  They spread their poison to everyone who enters their lives.  How sad!

What lies have you believed?  Do you recognize that God and many others really love you, like you, and want to be with you?  Do you understand that you are a ‘prince’ or ‘princess’.  Do you understand how much God loves you and how much He wants to do for, through, and with you?  Have you allowed the truth to eradicate the negative feelings or behaviors you have picked up over the years?  Do you realize that you only see part of a picture? 

I hope next time you start feeling down about yourself or your accomplishments, you will put on your crown and say, “I Princess!” or “I Prince!” and bask in the love that has been freely given to you.  YOU are SPECIAL!

What’s in a name?

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Pit Boss (TV series)

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A friend of mine, Judith Carrier, known as Judy to me, shared the following on facebook and graciously gave me permission to share it.  (I’m trying to convince her to start a blog:)

Part I — What should we call you?

“In part due to the popularity of “Little People, Big World” and the show “Pit Boss“, my daughter and I often get asked “What do you like to be called? Little person or dwarf?” My daughter usually responds with “Angie”. It usually doesn’t bother either of us what you call us, but my friends and family know that you better not call us “midget”.”

Judy (and daughter, Angie) both have a great sense of humor and have never let their lack of height get in the way of anything they wanted to do.  I especially love Angie’s response.  While “little people” and “dwarf” both apply, this is not something you ‘call’ people unless you are talking about them to others who you feel need to know this information for some reason.  It’s like asking me if I want to be called “Fat Lady” or “Super-Sized Lady”.  I want to be called Angie, or Mom, or Grandma, or even friend.

We all have a tendency to want to categorize others by sticking labels on them.  This is a huge communication buster because people are not categories.  People are people.  When we put someone in a category, we do not see them as individuals: we see them as part of a group.  We put them in a category and often filter our view of them via this category.

I have found that even in categories, people only have one thing in common – whatever put them in that category.  That being said, let’s move on.

Symbol of Christianity, white version.

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Part II:  Reactionary Names
“Which leads me to this. Some people say I’m a Christian. I say I’m a Christian, too. Some people might call me “Bible thumper”, “thinks she’s perfect…”, “judger”, “bigot”, “preacher”. And that is fine, though it is judgmental. I try to live and grow like a Christian should, but I also strive to not be those other things. My faith is not based on what I can do or say, but on what God can do or say through me. “For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.” This is what makes me a Christian. The other names are reactionary because of what I do or say when I don’t get it right. But God forgave me and forgives me when I “don’t get it right”. I hope you can, too.”

We live in a world where reactionary names are common:  “teabaggers”, “lefty loons”, “Bible thumper”, “nerd”, and so on.  I love this statement for it’s Christian application.  I also love it for the words:  “other names are reactionary.”  She states that these reactionary names come from our view of “what I do or say when I don’t get it right.”

In other words, we look at people at their worst and label them according to those moments.  How awful to be labeled and judged by our moments when we “don’t get it right.”  This, like the naming above, is also a communication buster.  Once we have labeled someone by their worst moments, we turn them off.  We dump them in a category and move on.

In reality, people have good and bad moments.  We are made up of many things, and dumping people into a category according to one aspect or one moment (or even many moments) shuts down communication and builds hostility.

Mean Grandma

Mean Grandma comes to call

Tonight my Grandkids came down to see me at my sister’s house where I’m chasing paper for my dad.  I had been up for a long time.  The two middle ones burst in fighting (as usual) and none of them wanted to listen.  Mean Grandma yelled at them.

Super Grandma invests in the love bank

Thank God I have enough Nice Grandma moments in their love bank that they do not judge me by those moments when I am not at my best.

Reactionary names do not promote peace, love or acceptance.  They also do not bring change.  I know when mean Grandma shows up, there is usually an underlying reason.  My grandchildren are smart enough to see beyond it.

Are you?

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