{Also posted on my other blog, so if you haven’t read it already…}

In case any of you think I have dropped out of the blogosphere, I have not.  I am still going back and forth to my dad’s (2 1/2 hours away).  Add to that:

1.  My husband and I were on a short trip with no internet (to North Carolina – LOVED the mountains!!).

2.  My Step-Grandmother passed away while we were gone.  I will be going to my Dad’s tonight, packing up his clothes, walker, wheel chair and various medical items, taking him to the PACK clinic at the VA for his bed sore on Monday am, and leaving from there (with him) to attend the funeral on Tuesday (2 1/2 hrs from his house to mine and then 4 more).  After the funeral, I will return him home (or maybe spend the night at my house on the way down) and come home to rush and prepare for the weekend with my mother-in-law (dementia) and then an0ther short vacation with my husband to see family.

The above are my excuses 🙂   TMI???  Probably, but it’s my life right now.  I’m not gone, but I may be scarce for a while.  I will still be reading, however.

SO–if you have commented on my blog and have not heard from me – you are in que and I will get to you asap.

–if I follow you on WordPress, I will be clicking unfollow to empty out my e-mail box.  No, I’m not leaving you — I am following everyone on Google Reader which works much better for me and makes sure I don’t miss important mail in my inbox because it’s overwhelming.

Wishing you all a happy blogosphere!  God bless 🙂 Angie   All prayers and good thoughts are much appreciated:)  See you when……