I have to reblog this post because it is truly powerful and well said. We tend to think our feelings and emotions are forever, but they never are. Time always brings us around to change. We don’t need to drown in our emotions, we can ride them to their conclusion, dealing with them, but not allowing them to overwhelm us. This too shall pass.

Warning: Confession to follow.
I will never forget the day I learned this lesson. I had been struggling with dealing with my past and various struggles, so I was vulnerable. I was visiting with my family and someone made a comment (as he often did) that sent me off the deep end. I have always been heavy, and a family member often made comments that stated or implied that I was not pretty/desirable/ etc. because of this. At the time it didn’t matter that this was/is false. I went to my room to hide and lick my wounds and decided I would kill myself. This was the third time I had been at this point and God had turned me back. The decision was to wait until everyone was asleep so no one could stop me. I didn’t think about what finding me would do to my parents, for I was too focused on the pain radiating through me. As I lay, I prayed and cried. At one point, it was as if God reached down and lifted me above myself, allowing me to see the ebb and flow of the emotions washing over me. I realized the emotions were not me. They were something that affected me, but they were not me. I was able to see that even in the short term, they rose and fell. They never stayed static. When I went back in, I realized something: the emotions I was feeling would pass. They were only my reality for a short time, not a long-term event. I also realized that God had given me a gift in allowing me to view my emotional state differently.

Obviously, I did not kill myself, but this was a definate turning point in my life. I have never again wanted to die by my own hand. I began to heal from the emotional bullying and change my self-image and my self-worth. I began to do what this post talks about. I carried on.

Everything changes, and recognizing the temporary nature of our emotions, feelings, and even life events allows us to ride the wave instead of drowning under them.

Do you tend to get bogged down in emotions or anxiety?
How do you deal with it when these times come?
Can you recognize the temperary nature of life and roll with it? Or do you allow your feelings to cloud your life at times?